Cori Rist - Tiger Woods' 5th Mistress?

Cori Rist - Tiger Wood's 5th Mistress?

Suddenly Cori Rist looks like a 5th Tiger Woods mistress. The rumor of a 5th Tiger Woods mistress being Cori Rist has been floated by the New York Daily News where they are citing a source that claims one of Tiger Woods "favorite traveling companions was a delicious blond named Cori Rist." This is just more bad news for Tiger Woods and his supporters, and is tossing even more fuel on the fire that is burning down his public image. It starting to seem like daily there is another woman coming forward with claims about what Tiger Woods has been doing in his personal life, but it wasn't Cori Rist herself that made this knowledge public recently.

Wanting the answer as to whether Cori Rist is indeed a 5th Tiger Woods mistress, they posed the question to her personally, and she responded that she had no comment at this time. Rather than deny the claims or laugh it off, it seems that Cori Rist is willing to walk right into the media hornets' nest that surround Tiger Woods with a comment that could lead anyone to believe that she did indeed have a relationship with Tiger Woods. As to what the encounters entailed is really anyone's guess until Cori Rist or someone in the Tiger Woods camp confirms what was going on, but the source for the New York Daily News has stated that when on golf trips Cori Rist and Tiger Woods would have adjacent (large) suites at the same hotel so as to keep her out of the public eye.

Tiger Woods made the grave mistake of not trying to get ahead of all of these stories, and for some reason he must have believed that he could keep all of these antics out of the press. Even if this turns out to be just a series of innocent encounters, because of the number of stories that are piling up about Tiger Woods and other women, everyone is already going to give factual credit to this story before it can even be proved.

The knowledge that there could now be a 5th Tiger Woods mistress just leads viewers of this situation to wonder if there is a 6th, a 7th, or a dozen more women who are going to come out of nowhere to stake their claim in this situation now that Tiger Woods has blown up his personal life. There is certainly going to be more to come with this story, and Cori Rist will get to sell her story to some magazine that is willing to pay for the next big scoop in this evolving drama.

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